Authentes – from Greek authentikos, from authentēs, from aut- + -hentēs. Worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact, true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, authentic implies being fully trustworthy.

Our Vision

“Inspiring and connecting leaders for meaningful breakthroughs” 

Real people make real change. We believe in making change that matters, And for us, a change that matters is any change that brings you closer to yourself. Your dreams. Your passions.

Creating breakthroughs

To bring our vision statement “Inspiring and connecting leaders for meaningful breakthroughs” to life, we offer coaching services and connection retreats which focus on delivering results. We tailor and craft the individual coaching methodology depending on the uniqueness of each client’s needs and desired goals. We are thoroughly skilled and experienced in multiple coaching disciplines: from process coaching to transformative coaching, to a more coach/mentor approach, or a combination of multiple methodologies. As world-class executive coaches, we not only bring in qualified coaching skill sets, but also exceptional business insights and know-how, and diverse personal experiences to partner up with our clients on a truly remarkable coaching journey.

A typical framework for a successful coaching relationship includes: 

  1. Commitment – we ask our clients to be fully committed to the coaching process, just as we are fully committed to coaching our clients.  
  2. Results focused – our coaching processes always identify clear objective and measurable result.
  3. Engagement of stakeholders – the best way to ensure that the coaching process delivers the desired results is by involving your stakeholders as a support group.
  4. Data driven – we use state-of-the-art assessment tools to accurately examine your needs and goals.

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