Company vision

Our company vision: “Inspiring and connecting leaders for meaningful breakthroughs”. Real people make real change. We believe in making change that matters. And for us, change that matters is any change that brings you closer to yourself. Your dreams. Your passions. Whether it is big or small.



People have always been subject to change. And we know that everything changes all the time. We have known this for centuries. And yet, most people fear change. We fear stepping away from what we know to be the truth, for what we know to be safe, for what we have embraced as our comfort zone.



Today, change is all around us at an unprecedented pace. Globalization, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, power shifting from west to east, from a selected few to the masses, digitisation, ageing population and an ever increasing impact of technology on our day to day lives. 

Amid all of this, leaders need to stay focused and agile enough to constantly adjust to the changing environment. And that is where we can help. We can help you create meaningful breakthroughs!

Meet the founder

Karel Bakkes has a proven track record of using his business development and consulting skills to deliver results. He has worked with clients and partners in more than 50 countries. His clients have included C-suite and senior executives who were transitioning into new roles, managers stuck in in their jobs and people who were generally stuck in their lives. He helped them create meaningful breakthroughs.



After a short career in music, Karel moved into the corporate world and studied Economics and Auditing. He was a partner in a Big 4 firm for many years and held various executive leadership positions in various countries including the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, China, New Zealand, and most recently in Thailand. In the latter part of his big 4 career, Karel was leading relationships with a number of global clients.



His passion for coaching was always the building block of his success. Whether applying his coaching skills to lead a non-performing office through a transformation, to build up a relationship with a large client, to start new teams, or to help client executives transition into new roles or challenges.



Karel is the founder and CEO of his company Authentes, which is dedicated to his life purpose of inspiring & connecting leaders for meaningful breakthroughs. With clients across the globe, Karel is now supporting many executives and their teams in realizing their visions.

Skill highlights

My Haiku

During a trip to Tibet, I had the opportunity to do a personal vision quest. After the quest, I sat down to reflect my experience and findings in a haiku. The haiku that came to me was:

My connection to

The beauty that surrounds me

Will open my heart