Real people make real change!

I was sitting in my apartment during the COVID-19 lockdown and started to realize that I wanted to make a change. I had dreamt of a new normal for a long time. And this was the time to make it happen!

During the pandemic, many people had time to self-reflect and determine how they wanted to live their lives after the lock downs were over. We started to realize that what we considered normal was actually very abnormal. Many of my clients indicated that they finally had time, sometimes after many years, to have a normal dinner together with their family! For many, that meant they did not want to go back to the old normal. And at a higher level, what did the old normal bring us? Inequality, environmental crisis, hunger, air and water pollution, to name a few.

The team at Authentes is ready to support you to find your new normal. We call it, Finding Your Rhythm! We bring you a unique combination of Coaching and Creative skills to help you drive that change. The coaching and workshops we offer act as a catalyst for change for teams and individuals.

With 30+ years of experience in the corporate world and access to a network of many creative people, Authentes will bring you an experience that will transform you and/or your team. Guaranteed. Authentes will bring the YOU back in you.