Our team consists of people with a wide variety of background and experience. We believe this is what makes working with Authentes unique. You can always expect the unexpected in our approach!

Peggy-Jane de Schepper

After completing various Theatrical studies, Dance Academy, and Theater School for Performing Arts in Amsterdam, Peggy-Jane appeared in numerous theater, film and television productions.

“Collaborating and connecting with people is an important aspect in the work that I do. It is also the basis of everything I teach. The connection between your audience and yourself is where everything starts.”

Peggy-Jane’s range of talents and broad interests in life, make her diverse and authentic. Her passion for people and acting is the reason she looks beyond the theatrical limelight. She continues to challenge and explore life on a personal level in order to enrich her own existence. This experience is what she would like to share with others

Her passion is working with people to support them to bring out the best in themselves. Her clients include leaders and managers of multinational companies, as well as young adults who are at the start of their career.

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