People are asked to do more with less, and the number of people that feel overworked, stressed, overwhelmed is increasing every year.

How do you navigate between all the demands, the high workload, and all of life’s challenges?

There is enough evidence that coaching can help. Organizations and individuals are investing in coaching because it is a powerful form of development that leads to change and result. Intangible results such as better relationships with others, a better work-life balance, and career advancement. And tangible results including increased productivity and performance, sales growth, and a higher retention and engagement of employees.

Are you facing a transition, contemplating a change, or just feeling stuck? Whether you are looking for a new job or want to be more effective in your current job, searching for balance, hoping to make the most out of the next phase in your life or your new professional role, we are here to support. Our coaching process will help you find your passion, create a vision, and turn that into detailed, concrete actions to achieve your desired goals.

Executive coaching

“Executive coaching unleashes the hidden potential in leaders and helps them unleash the potential in their teams.”

We help executives focus on their business priorities while advancing their professional development goals. We use assessment tools including Hogan and/or Extended Disc as a starting point for our coaching discussions.

Our coaches have in-depth experience in helping executives better achieve business priorities while growing personally and professionally. With a variety of methodologies and tools we help executives to identify areas for improvement, leverage their strengths, and lead more effectively.

Presentation coaching

Do you have an important speech, presentation or other appearance coming up? We will work with you to enable you to speak with presence to make a lasting impression.

The techniques we use are based on our personal business and acting experience. Business experience to support you in crafting the message that brings your point across, and acting experience to help you build a powerful connection with your audience.

Pursuit coaching