“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy

Our thoughts create our future. Our brain does not know the difference between the real world and the world we are creating with our thoughts. The ability to be fully aware of your thoughts and focus on your desired future is key to your success. To become aware of our thoughts it helps to experience silence, and feel a deep connection with nature. That is why we are offering you a unique opportunity to go on a journey with us. A journey to unknown places, to nature, a journey to who you truly are and the future authentic self you aspire to be!

The Experience

together with a group of 6-10 likeminded people we travel to places in the world where we can experience the true connection with nature. During the journey we will have time to

  • reflect on your current situation
  • be in silence and connect to who you are and who you would like to be
  • have time to work with the coach/facilitators for personal support
  • share experiences with your group members

The journey will include a structured process to develop your vision for your authentic you. We will use various coaching, mindfulness, yoga and other creative  techniques during our journey together.

Where and when

Most of our Nature Experiences are held in the Asia Pacific region.

The following Nature Experiences are currently scheduled (exact dates tbd):

  • Bhutan – March 2020
  • Myanmar – June 20201
  • Laos – November 2020

1 This program is focused on female empowerment, and is open to women only.

Your facilitators

  • TBD – Lead Facilitator
  • TBD – Nature lead
  • TBD – Coach and co-facilitator