“Going back to the sand box where everything was possible.”

Looking for some juice and fun? Stuck in the rat-race of life? Come and play with us and ignite your inner sparkle. Together we will share and create sparks of joy in a creative way.

It is time to shine

The Spark Your Joy sessions will give you the flow to ignite and use your own unique SPARK with confidence. Igniting your inner sparkle will strengthen you to overcome personal blocks, will amplify your vision, and will help you move forward and accelerate. Spark Your Joy will produce the results you have been yearning for.  Once your spark is up and running there is no stopping! It is our birth right to use this amazing force of creative energy. It is within this energy and playful joy where transformation comes to life.

The Spark Your Joy workshop will provide you the tools to:

  • reconnect to your own creative persona
  • reconnect with body, breath, sound and movement
  • understand and change beliefs that hold you back
  • develop a powerful mindset
  • translate ideas into action
  • bring you closer to your own personal power and higher sense of purpose

The Program

The workshop consists of 6 weekly, 3-hour Spark sessions.

Spark session 1: Introduction

Spark session 2: Values

Spark session 3: Your current state

Spark session 4: Creating your vision

Spark session 5: Your inner self

Spark session 6: Defining your SPARK statement and celebrate


During all sessions we will include breathing and body relaxation techniques to connect with ourselves. The second part will be focused on using creativity to open up our creative inner self.


What will you get out of the sessions?

After the 6 weeks together, you will know what Sparks your Joy (what makes you happy), what tools you have access that Spark whenever you need it. You will also walk away with a tangible piece of self-made jewelry to remind you every day where you can find your Spark!

If you want to hear more, please reach out using our contact form.